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Welcome to Creative Art Force

Thanks for coming!

I’m Paul McFarling and this site is dedicated to the wonderful Galápagos Art that I’m selling in various markets in the UK. I’m based in Horsham, West Sussex.

I’m a naturalist guide of the Galápagos Archipelago and have dedicated my adult life, since graduating in Biology, to guiding tourists and teaching them about the phenomenal natural history. Since the arrival of the new millennium, I’ve been advising and putting together tours for would-be adventurers. It’s been great!

I’m afraid that the site is currently under construction.

You can see and purchase my Galápagos work at:

Please like my Facebook Page:

For contact:
instagram: “galapaul2016”,
Phone/text: 07767915565

For anything else Galápagos-related including Galápagos tours, inquiries, and any other information:

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