About The Artist

While working as a Galapagos guide, he joined the plethora of wildlife photographers visiting the islands, but unlike them, was able to capture his images from years of observations and get moments. As he travelled between islands, he started to modify his photos with Adobe Photoshop in its early days. A week on board with Sam Nicholson, founder and CEO of the Special Effects Studio, ‘Stargate Studios’, taught him some more great effects and ideas, with which he was able to develop his ‘style’ in Photoshop. His love of the washy watercolour effect is what he has reproduced on the computer.

He has continued to work as a Galapagos guide, forming his local Tour Operator, ‘Galapagos Experience’. He specialises in student tours to Ecuador and the Galapagos and day tours within Galapagos. For the tourists who choose not to take a cruise, but to stay in Puerto Ayora, the main tourist town in Galapagos, he offers his home, ‘The Cactuspad’, two custom apartments, ‘Orchidea’, next door, and the large Villa, ‘Mimosa’ for short-term rentals.

In recent years, Paul has been living between the UK and Galapagos. Please contact Paul if you are interested in taking a trip to the Galapagos as he is happy to offer his advice on a place and industry he knows well.

Phone: 07767915565

email: paul@creativeartforce.com



MimosaVilla Vacation Rental in Galapagos

The CactuspadHouse Rental in Galapagos

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www.galapagoslandbased.com – Tours based based from Puerto Ayora

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